ARFI Offers Four New Bursaries and Two Scholarships for 2021

Investing in future automotive professionals is a prerequisite for the industry’s success. The Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. (ARFI) is thrilled to announce that, in effort to help young professionals in the automotive industry to pay for their tuition, it will offer a total of $15,000 in scholarships and bursaries in 2021.

With a modified range of awards available this year, students will be able to apply for two of the legacy scholarships (Bob Clarke Memorial Scholarship, Ed Coates Automotive Red Seal Trade Scholarship). The ARFI is also introducing four new bursaries ($2,000 each) supporting diversity and inclusivity at the workplace and assisting people to reach their career goals in the in-demand industry sectors.


Bob Clarke Memorial Scholarship

  • this scholarship provides $2,000 toward tools or post-secondary education tuition to people with a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the automotive trades and planning to enroll in a Red Seal apprenticeship
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Ed Coates Automotive Red Seal Trade Scholarship

  • this annual scholarship provides up to $5,000 toward tools or post-secondary education tuition leading to a career in the automotive industry
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Women’s Automotive Bursary

  • this bursary was created in 2021 to assist women who are pursuing their careers in the automotive industry
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Indigenous People’s Automotive Bursary

  • first introduced in 2021, this bursary supports an inclusive work environment in automotive, while assisting Indigenous people with their career aspirations in the industry
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Electric Vehicle Specialist Bursary

  • this bursary is new for 2021, introduced to assist industry in preparing for the forecast proliferation of electric vehicles
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Motorcycle Technician Bursary

  • this bursary was introduced in 2021 to attract and retain more people to the motorcycle sector, through the completion of an accredited motorcycle technician program
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The deadline for all applications is July 31, 2021.

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