Motorcycle Technician Bursary

The automotive industry spans a variety of different sectors, one of which is the motorcycle sales and service sector. This bursary was created in 2021 to attract and retain more people in the motorcycle sector, through the completion of an accredited motorcycle technician program. 

If you have a desire to work in the industry, specifically with a focus on repairing and servicing motorcycles, and need financial assistance to reach your goals, the ARFI would like to hear your story.

Bursary Description

This bursary is for technicians in the automotive industry in B.C. who wish to specialize on the repair and maintenance of motorcycles. If you have a desire to work in the industry, specifically with a focus on motorcycles, and you need financial assistance to reach your goals, the ARFI would like to hear your story.

This bursary provides up to $2,000 for a motorcycle technician training program tuition.


To be eligible, applicants must have graduated from secondary school. The training / education applied for must be offered through a recognized training facility/provider and relate to motorcycle repair and maintenance.

We are looking for those who have demonstrated a flair for, and a genuine interest in pursuing a career in the automotive industry. Children or dependents of ARFI board members are not eligible to apply.

Applicants are asked to provide the following:

  • A statement by the applicant stating his/her long-term career goals. This should briefly outline why they believe they should be considered for this bursary. It may include a summary of past school and work experience. It should also explain why they need the financial assistance offered by the bursary.
  • A supporting letter from the applicant’s current automotive industry employer. This may include the applicant’s academic achievements, natural ability, hard work, professionalism, teamwork, attention to detail, initiative, etc. The employer should also indicate how the training will make the applicant a more valuable employee.

Awarded Bursaries

Bursaries are awarded annually within British Columbia to qualified students enrolled in an motorcycle technician program in the British Columbia region. Consideration is given to awarding students throughout the province. Bursaries awarded give special consideration to students expressing an interest in the motorcycle sector.

The recipient may be may be requested to participate in a brief interview that may be recorded and published. The recipient may also be invited to appear in a video acknowledging the award.

The recipient will be requested to provide a recent photograph for use in promotional material.


All applicants will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decisions. Awards are applicable to the academic year commencing in September of the year of application and awarding.


The administration of the scholarship program is carried out by the ARFI, under the direction of the ARFI Board Chair.

Application Requirements Checklist

You MUST have the following ready to submit with your application:

(See “Eligibility” above)

  • A statement by the applicant outlining his/her long-term career goals. The application form includes a text box for this (250 words minimum).
  • Supporting letter from the applicant’s primary automotive instructor or current employer. This document is to be uploaded in PDF, JPG or Word format. The application form includes a file uploader for this.
  • A brief outline of the bursary applicant’s demonstrated leadership and civic abilities. The application form includes a text box for this.
  • An outline of financial considerations as they relate to the student’s pursuit of their automotive studies. The application form includes a text box for this.
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