The Warranty Associate/Clerk is responsible for preparing, submitting, and following up on all warranty claims submitted to the manufacturer to ensure prompt payment of warranty claims to the dealership and for assisting with shop billing. The Warranty Associate/Clerk is generally responsible for processing all warranty paperwork to ensure proper documentation by the Service department and verifying that manufacturer criteria is met. In addition, the Warranty Associate/Clerk will assist with the reconciliation of all warranty receivables and work with the accounting department to obtain payments. The Warranty Associate/Clerk may also be responsible for communicating all manufacturer warranty updates and bulletins to the service department.


  • Able to clearly articulate ideas
  • Resourceful

Personality Traits

  • Down to earth
  • Extroverted
  • Fond of helping others
  • Organised
  • Patient with others

Annual Salary Range

Low $35,000
Median $45,000
High $55,000

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