The Business Office Manager is responsible for presenting and selling new and pre-owned buyers financing and insurance programs and reviewing all required paperwork with customers upon delivery. Business Office Managers are responsible for offering vehicle financing and insurance to customers and providing them with a thorough explanation of aftermarket products and extended warranties and a complete explanation of manufacturer and dealership service procedures and policies. Business Office Managers will process financing and leasing deals accurately and secure approval through financial sources to secure approval and through proper dealership channels. Business Office Managers are generally also responsible for assisting to coordinate customer deliveries and creating and maintaining a program with the sales department that will ensure all new sales customers are introduced to the Business Office.

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  • Able to work under pressure
  • Effective interacting with others
  • Interested in mentoring others
  • Resourceful

Personality Traits

  • Content working independently
  • Down to earth
  • Organized
  • Patient with others

Annual Salary Range

Low $20,000
Median $45,000
High $100,000

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